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16 Vehicle Crash on Westbound I-90A 16 vehicle crash on westbound I-90 near Tri-Cities, WA shut down the highway for several hours. The large crash was due to winter weather conditions. Troopers reported 16 vehicles and three semi trucks being involved in this extreme car crash. Reports say only minor injuries were reported from the car accidents. Washington State Department of Transportation is urging drivers to use greater caution in winter driving conditions.

Winter Driving Techniques

The following are a few winter driving techniques to keep in mind before attempting to drive on the snow and ice.

  1. Know how your car reacts to certain situations. Every vehicle handles differently, especially on wet or icy roads. Knowing how to react to the way your vehicle handles can prove to be very helpful in an emergency situation.
  2. Make sure your car is well maintained and ready for winter driving. For example, making sure all fluids under the hood are topped off, floor mats are properly installed, headlights are working properly, tires are in good condition, etc.
  3. Go slow! Remember it is harder to control or stop your vehicle on wet, slick or snow-covered roads.
  4. Increase your following distance to give yourself extra time to stop.
  5. Always wear a seat belt and make sure everyone else in the car is buckled also.
  6. Be prepared by keeping your gas tank full, warm clothes in your car, jumper cables, etc.
  7. Give a snow plow extra space by not traveling beside them. Also, if you are following a snow plow, leave extra space and don’t stop too close to them.
  8. If possible, avoid driving in the snow and wait for the storm to pass.

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