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Avoid a Car Accident by Knowing When and When Not to SwerveAvoid a car accident by knowing when and when not to swerve. Swerving is a defensive driving technique that should be practiced for good driving skills.

A rollover car accident occurred in Kennewick recently from a car swerving around another car turning left. This is a common practice for many drivers due to being impatient for the car in front to turn. Kennewick police reported that the driver cleared the car turning but hit a legally parked car. Next, a domino effect occurred causing two other parked cars in front to collide. During that, the driver’s car flipped upside-down. No injuries were reported but the driver was very sorry for the damage caused.

Avoid a Car Accident by Knowing When and When Not to Swerve with These Tips:

With Animals in the Road

To swerve or not to swerve for an animal depends on the situation. If it is a small animal, try to brake but keep your course. Hitting small animals though tragic is better than the possible outcome if you try to swerve. For a large animal, such as a moose, do whatever possible to not hit. Due to the 1200 lbs of a moose, hitting would cause significant damage and could leave you injured.

Dealing with Fallen Trees

Hopefully you will see a tree and can swerve slowly and safely around it. If a tree or other obstruction is in the road, report it.

Cars in Front of You

As with the driver in Kennewick, many like to swerve around a car turning left. This is a fine practice if there is room to swerve around safely. If it seems too tight to get around, just wait.


Sometimes a pothole can appear out of nowhere. However, hitting large potholes could blow a tire. Be aware of your surroundings and swerve around potholes slowly when possible.

Electrical Wires

Electrical wires are dangerous and should be avoided. If you encounter a live power line, report it immediately. A car’s tires should protect from an electrical current but try to avoid hitting it if possible.

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