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Avoid a Car Accident in a Construction ZoneAvoid a car accident in a construction zone by being aware of the laws for highway construction and maintenance zones. A good way to do so is to know what areas are under construction and avoid them.  Many drivers on the road meet unexpected delays due to road construction, road closures, etc., which can cause you to be late to your destination. Be on time by knowing about unexpected delays due to road construction in Washington state with these tools.

  • Tune into the Highway Advisory Radio at 1610 AM or 530 AM
  • Dial 5-1-1 on your phone before you drive
  • Visit the Washington State Department’s website for South Central Region Construction Update and Travel Advisory located here:
  • Download the WSDO smart phone application by searching for WSDOT in your application store
  • Watch your local news program

These resources can help you know if and where road construction and maintenance is occurring on your commute.

When you do stumble upon road construction on your commute you should abide by all posted speed limits signs, use extra caution when driving through the area, and yield the right of way to ALL authorized vehicles and construction workers who are performing the necessary maintenance and construction to avoid a car accident.  Doing these things will help keep you and the construction workers safe as they do their work. Failure to do these things can result in you being fined for violation of state law.

The Washington Rule of the Road requiring you to yield right of way to construction and maintenance workers is as follows:

RCW 46.61.215: Highway construction and maintenance

  • The driver of a vehicle shall yield the right-of-way to any authorized vehicle or pedestrian actually engaged in work upon a highway within any highway construction or maintenance area indicated by official traffic control devices.
  • The driver of a vehicle shall yield the right-of-way to any authorized vehicle obviously and actually engaged in work upon a highway whenever such vehicle displays flashing lights meeting the requirements of RCW 46.37.300.

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