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Bicycle Accidents After DarkBicycle accident after dark are becoming ever more common in the Tri-Cities area. With the recent time change for Daylight Savings, Parke Gordon Law Firm would like to warn drivers of bicycles that may be riding past dark. Riding a bicycle is no longer just for children. Many cyclists are now biking for fitness or as part of their daily commute. A report by the Governors Highway Safety Association reported the average age of cyclists killed in a bike accident in 2015 was 45. Though children may be expected to be home before dark, adults could still be out riding after dark to squeeze in a quick ride. The following are some tips to stay safe and avoid bicycle accidents after dark.

Bicycle Accidents After Dark

Bicycling after dark involves many risks. The most obvious is visibility. Studies have shown that fatal accidents on the road are three times more likely to happen at night. Nowhere is worst to ride your bike at night than in a low lite urban area. Other risks of riding at night include increased traffic during rush hour, slowed reaction times, etc. Here are some things a bicyclist riding at night can do to stay safe:

  1. Be visible. Use lights on your bike and wear reflective clothing.
  2. Don’t weave in and out of lanes. Stay straight and predictable to make it easy for drivers to be aware of you.
  3. Always follow traffic laws just as if you were driving a car. In the even of a bicycle accident, a bike is considered the same as any other vehicle when riding in the road.
  4. Be aware of unforeseen dangers such as animals or other people walking or riding a bike.
  5. Be prepared. Always have the right equipment in case of a flat tire, bad weather or any other kind of emergency.

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