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StipulationsWhen a civil action has been filed in a Superior Court in Washington State, then the civil rules govern the proper procedure to be followed for the duration of the case.   While an action is filed in court, parties in the dispute may come to an agreement or stipulate to certain facts or issues that are not in dispute that needs to be submitted to the court for consideration.

These stipulations or agreements will only be regarded by the court if they are:

  1. Heard by the court in open court; or
  2. Entered into the record or minutes of the court; or
  3. Presented in writing to the court and subscribed to by the attorneys.

What is the effect of entering these agreements or stipulations in the court record?  By entering agreements or stipulations into the court record, you will not need to address the fact or issue at trial in front of a jury or the judge.  This helps ensure the court process being completed in a timely manner.

Here is the Civil Rule governing Stipulations:


No agreement or consent between parties or attorneys in respect to the proceedings in a cause, the purport of which is disputed, will be regarded by the court unless the same shall have been made and assented to in open court on the record, or entered in the minutes, or unless the evidence thereof shall be in writing and subscribed by the attorneys denying the  same.

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