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Dangers of Crashing into a Power Pole.jpgAfter crashing your car into a power pole, your human instinct may be to flee. However, if you are in a car accident with a power line, the safest place is typically to remain inside the vehicle. When a vehicle crashes into a power pole, the pole may fall down. If power lines fall down, the area around your car may become charged with electric energy. If you were to step out of your vehicle, your body would become the path to ground for the electricity and you could be electrocuted.

Downed power lines will sometimes let you know they are dangerous by arcing or sparking. However, this is not always the case. A power line will not always show signs that they are live, but are just as lethal.

What to do if You Crash into a Power Pole

If you crash into a power pole, stay in the car and warn those attempting to come near to stay far away. Call 911 for help and wait until a professional from the electric company is able to tell you it is safe to leave the vehicle.

An exception to staying in the car after colliding with the vehicle is if the vehicle catches fire. In that case, jump clear of the vehicle without touching it and the ground at the same time. Then hop with your feet together. This way there will not be a voltage difference between your two feet.

If You Witness a Car Crashing into a Power Pole

If you witness a vehicle crashing into a power pole, do NOT approach the vehicle to help. Instead, call 911 and stay far away from the accident until you are told by a professional electrician that it is safe.

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