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Fatal Pedestrian vs Semi Truck AccidentA fatal pedestrian vs. semi truck accident in Kennewick occurred last week when a young woman was attempting to cross a busy street. She was first hit by a semi truck and then hit by a car that was following the semi. It has been reported that she died at the scene. This wrongful death is just one of many that has happened recently in the Tri-Cities area. Parke Gordon Law Firm of Tri-Cities would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to be safe walking or riding a bicycle after dark. With the Winter months upon us, many people are still out after dark. Drivers need to be more cautious to avoid potential pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents or even a wrongful death.

Tips to Avoid Pedestrian or Bicycle Accidents After Dark

If you are going to be walking around or riding a bike after dark, keep in mind that drivers have a limited line of vision after dark. Often times the only form of light for vehicles is the car’s headlights. Depth and peripheral vision is also worsened due to poor or limited light. Here are some tips to remember to avoid an accident after dark.

  1. Stay on well-lit streets even if it means making your route longer.
  2. Add reflective gear to your bike.
  3. Wear reflective gear or at very least bright/light colored clothing that is more visible.
  4. Take extra lights. At very least, shine the flashlight on a smartphone device while crossing the street so drivers can easily see you.

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