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Fatal Semi Truck Accident After a Car Attempted to Pass on a Two Lane RoadWashington State Patrol reported a fatal semi truck accident after a car attempted to pass on a two lane road. In an attempt to pass a semi truck, a car crossed over the double yellow lines and hit another semi truck head on. The impact of the crash also hit another vehicle which was traveling westbound. It was reported two other cars also crashed into each other during this semi truck accident. The driver which was attempting to pass was declared dead at the scene. Troopers say one of the semi trucks spilt diesel fuel onto the road, making working conditions slip and hard to work. It is unknown if drugs or alcohol influenced this accident. This semi truck accident is still under investigation by Washington State Patrol.

How to Pass on a Two Lane Road

Impatience and even road rage is often common when driving. Getting behind a slow moving vehicle on a two lane road can be very irritating. Waiting to pass and following the Washington Rules of the Road is critical to the safety of the driver and anyone else on the road. Here are a few tips of how to pass on a two lane road to ensure your safety and follow the law.

  1. Be aware of traffic and lane markings. A solid line indicates that a driver must stay in the lane. When the line turns to a single dotted yellow line, it is safe to pass so long as traffic permits.
  2. Check other conditions around you before attempting to pass. For example, tunnels, bridges, sharp turns, driveways, animals, bad weather conditions or anything else that could possible create a hazard for you to pass.
  3. Ensure there is enough space for you to pass around other traffic. Look ahead into the other lane and make note of any oncoming vehicles. If you have any hesitation, DO NOT PASS.
  4. Know what the speed limit is and if you have enough time to pass without going over the speed limit. If the slow moving vehicle in front of you is moving no slower than 15 mph under the speed limit, it may be best to wait.
  5. If you come to the conclusion it is safe to pass, do so in a manner that is safe for everyone. For example, accelerate slowly, use your turn signal, smoothly pass, use your turn signal to re-enter the lane.

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