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Richland Man Injured in a Motorcycle AccidentA Richland man was injured in a motorcycle accident when his motorcycle hit the guardrail. The man was traveling west on Interstate 182 when he took the exit onto the highway. Washington State Police reported the Richland man was traveling too fast and lost control of the motorcycle. The injured man was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation of his injuries. State patrol said charges are still pending for the incident.

Biggest Potential Dangers to Motorcyclists

One of the biggest dangers to a motorcyclist while traveling down the road is going to fast around a curve and losing control of the bike. Here are some other top dangers for motorcyclists to be aware of.

  1. Cars changing lanes. Many car accidents or motorcycle accidents occur when a vehicle changes lanes before seeing the motorcyclist. Pay attention to vehicles signaling into your lane to avoid being hit on a motorcycle.
  2. Drivers behind you. When in traffic even slow-moving vehicles become a threat to a motorcyclist. Vehicles are much closer together in traffic. If someone bumps into a motorcycle, it will most likely knock the rider off regardless of how fast the car was moving.
  3. Drinking while driving. Like in a car, drinking impairs judgement and slows reaction time. Never drink and drive.
  4. Roads are more slick, visibility is harder and other vehicles splash water on you when it is raining. Weather conditions on a motorcycle can be pretty miserable and much more dangerous.
  5. Gravel or debris on the road. Gravel takes away the grip on your motorcycle tires. Many motorcycle wrecks occur from unseen gravel. If you do hit some gravel, fall low on your side if possible for less injury.
  6. Car doors opening. While driving down a road with cars parked on the side of the street a motorcyclist has the potential to be hit by someone opening their car door.
  7. Fast stops. The front wheel of a motorcycle provides 70% of the brake power to stop. When having to brake fast, a motorcyclist is at risk of throwing themselves off the front of the bike. Make sure to know how your motorcycle handles heavy braking so you are prepared for this type of emergency situation.
  8. When stopped at a red light, distracted drivers often cause rear-end car accidents due to not paying enough attention. Unlike in a car, motorcycles don’t have a bumper or a seatbelt so the accident is usually more severe even at low speeds.
  9. Speeding through a turn. The thrill of riding a motorcycle fast can be fun but it is also a danger. Most motorcyclist don’t have a problem when traveling on a straight road but it can take extra practice to motion through a turn. Slow down and be safe.

Injured in a Motorcycle Accident

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