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Juvenile Killed in Rollover Car Accident in PascoWashington State Troopers reported a juvenile killed in rollover car accident in Pasco. While driving at night, the driver lost control of the vehicle on I-182. The vehicle struck the barrier and then flipped over. Officials say the driver and the passenger were both conscious when they were taken to a nearby medical center for evaluation of injuries. However, the passenger of the rolled vehicle later died at the medical center. Troopers are still pending charges.

What to do When You Lose Control of a Vehicle to Avoid a Car Accident

  1. Stay calm. This is not a good time to panic. Though it may be hard not to panic, panicking will only make matters worse. It is common for some people to freeze when they panic while others over-compensate.
  2. Hold the steering wheel steady. Your first reaction after realizing you’ve lost control may be to let go of the wheel. Don’t do that! Eventually you will regain control of the vehicle and your hands will be ready if you keep them on the steering wheel.
  3. Shift the car into neutral. Shifting to neutral will cut all power going to your wheels and help you to regain control faster.
  4. Steer in the direction your back wheels are trying to go. This is another great way to regain control.
  5. Slow down and straighten out. If you’ve regained control you don’t necessarily have to stop. Just be sure to slow down and straighten out enough that you feel everything is alright.

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