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Multiple Semi Truck Accident Leaves a Pasco Man InjuredA rollover crash involving three semi trucks and one car left a Pasco man injured. The multiple semi truck accident occurred on Interstate 82 east of Granger. Washington State Patrol responded to the accident to find a Pasco injured after rolling a semi truck. The man was taken to the hospital to be examined. The semi truck accident was caused from a car driving slower than traffic due to road conditions. The car was hit by a semi truck driver which then caused the semi truck to roll. Another semi truck then hit the first truck before being rear ended by another semi truck. All semi truck drivers were issued a traffic citation for driving too fast for the road conditions.

Semi Truck Rollover Statistics

The Pasco man was lucky to only be injured from the rollover crash he experienced. Hundreds of truckers are killed every year in rollover accidents. In fact, in 2012 over half the fatalities of truck driving accidents were from rollover incidents according to Claims Journal. These truck drivers are sleepy, overworked and distracted which generally causes rollover accidents. Many truckers also falsely believe they can drive however fast they like no matter the road conditions because of the heavy load they are carrying. This is not only false but could be deadly to either them or others driving around them if in a truck accident.

Reducing Fatal Truck Accidents

Technology like stability control and enforcement of seat belt use has helped reduce fatal truck accidents. Since 2003, truck accident fatalities have reduced by 21 percent according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. However, the number of truck driver fatalities in rollover accidents has not decreased. In 2003, statistics showed 51 percent fatality rate. In 2012, that number increased to 52 percent according to federal data.

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