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Multiple Semi Truck Accidents Caused by Brake Failure in RichlandMultiple semi truck accidents caused by brake failure in Richland was reported by Washington State Police. A semi truck was heading east on Highway 240 when it failed to stop at the traffic light at Duportail Street. The truck hit a car turning onto the highway as well as another car waiting to turn left. The car turning left was then pushed into an additional car sitting at the light. Two persons were reportedly injured and taken to a nearby hospital for injury evaluation. The driver of the semi was not injured but charged with second-degree negligent driving. Washington State Patrol’s initial inspection showed three of the six brakes on the trailer of the semi truck as not working. The failing brakes may have played a part in this semi truck accident. This is the second semi truck accident said to have been caused by brake failure in the Tri-Cities area within the last two months. The last was a farm truck hauling potatoes that crashed into a transit bus in September.

Brake Failure Tips

  1. Stay calm. Your first reaction might be to panic. Keeping a clear head will help you stop safely.
  2. Avoid an accident by moving out of heavy traffic. If possible, move to a road with little to no traffic.
  3. Try the brakes again. Unless you are driving a classic, chances are your car has dual brakes. Dual brakes mean your front and rear brakes are controlled independently. Attempt to apply firm, consistent pressure to the brake pedal. If you are still not slowing down, use gravity to your advantage.
  4. Know how to control your car.
    1. Shift to a lower gear. Many cars allow you to use the gear shifts. Shift to a lower gear to slow down naturally.
    2. Feel the brake pedal. Know how your brake pedal feels. If it is soft and goes to the floor easily, the brake fluid may be low, have a faulty master cylinder or problems with your calipers or drums. Try rebuilding some brake pressure by pumping the brakes. If the brake pedal is hard, it may have an obstruction or your brake system may have seized.
    3. Use the emergency brake (parking brake). It will take longer than normal but the emergency brake will stop you.
    4. Steer sharply from side-to-side. Turning creates friction on the wheels which could help you stop naturally. If you have space, steer or turn sharply to create friction.
  5. Continue to pay attention to the road. While you are trying all these things to stop, make sure to keep steering.
  6. Warn other drivers that you have a problem. It may also be a good idea to turn your hazard lights on and honk to warn other drivers you have a situation.

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