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Prevent Motorcycle Accidents by Being Aware of BikersWith Spring approaching, it is time to prevent motorcycle accidents by being aware of bikers. A few motorcycle accidents were reported by NBC Right Now last week.

First a motorcyclist intentionally went down on his bike when he saw a car allegedly turn left into the lane he was traveling. This motorcycle accident could have ended much worse. The driver of the motorcycle was taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

The second motorcycle accident occurred in Kennewick near Southridge. Kennewick Police say a motorcyclist was struck by a vehicle turning left out of a parking lot. This motorcyclist also suffered injuries.

Both these motorcycle accidents seemed to have occurred because the driver of the vehicle was not aware of the biker. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 4,976 fatalities from motorcycle accidents in 2015. We can prevent motorcycle accidents by being aware of bikers.

Here are some tips to prevent motorcycle accidents:

  • Look and listen before making a turn. Almost half of all motorcycle accidents involving a vehicle are caused by the vehicle making a left turn in front of the biker.
  • Check your blind spot periodically. It helps to know who is driving around you. This is especially true with motorcyclists since they are smaller. Always check your blind spot especially before changing lanes.
  • Leave some extra space in front of you. A good rule of thumb is to leave 4-second space between you and the motorcycle. This will give you enough time to react should an emergency arise.
  • Be courteous in bad weather. Motorcycle act differently in bad weather. Leave more space for the biker to be able to navigate properly.


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